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First post in a while

This is the first post that I have done on my Leetaur.com blog in a while. This is pretty much my technology blog, so I will go ahead and talk about my new phone 😀 

A little over a week ago I got my iPhone 6s in the mail, straight from Apple on launch day. My trip over onto the Android platform is over. Though, as I am told my the Android team at work, the Fire phone does not really count as Android! 

The iPhone 6s is a really nice phone. It feels really fast. The 3D Touch interface is cool too, and has already sped up the use of the native Apple apps (Twitter also uses it). As more apps adopt 3D Touch I think the new navigation introduced by Apple will come into its own. It is a different, cool way of doing things. 

I also find myself using Siri a lot. We already have Apple's virtual assistant on my wife's iPad. But that is her machine, and as portable as an iPad is, I like either working I need device that fits in my pocket, or else using a full-blown laptop. The iPad is great for reading or watching movies in bed, but for programming or writing I like to use my MacBook Air... Though admittedly my MacBook Air is getting a little old. It will probably be time to update soon. 

That is my short update for today. Going forward I will try to write more about what I am doing with this tech - the phone and laptop. I like to write, and program (cannot program on a phone of course). I do like how closely the iPhone and MacBook Air work with each other - syncing Pages documents over iCloud, being able to access the children's reports, cross-device password management, etc It is convenient. 

So what did I do with the Fire phone?  It is now a backup phone for my family. It works perfectly well as a phone, does email and messaging and web browsing well. But it is now for the rest of the family, as I do not need it now. 

That is enough for this post. I will try to blog on Leetaur.com more often. We'll see how well I do at that.  

(Typed on my new phone, please excuse typos!)