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Played Dungeons & Dragons @ Gryfalia's Aerie

Leetaur has been resurrected!  My Leetaur the Lion Dungeons & Dragons character dates from the early 1990's, back when I played with a group in Saint Louis, MI.  Leetaur the Lion was a fighter in the group, and had some interesting adventures with Shakari & company.

Well, this past Wednesday, August 27 I rolled up Leetaur anew in order to play at Gryfalia's Aerie.  Gryfalia's is recognized as an official Dungeons & Dragons organized play group, using the DCI numbers and everything.

Well, my daughter Crysta and I played at Gryfalia's Aerie this past Saturday, and played the Secrets of Sokol Keep adventure.  It was a big group.  I was among the oldest, and the youngest playing were more like Joseph & Martin's age.  It was cool :)

There are a couple of adventure played at Gryfalia's Aerie every week, so I hope to make it often :)

-Leetaur the Lion