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Amazon Press Conference - Fire Phone Announcement

This past Wednesday, June 18, Amazon announced their newest hardware - the Fire phone.  A YouTube video of the Fire phone is below.  If you are a heavy Amazon customer (and use Amazon Prime), the Fire phone makes a lot of sense.  

The three major features of the phone are "Firefly", which is a search service (it recognizes objects, images, songs, tv shows), Dynamic Perspective, which looks like cool 3D technology (it uses four-front facing infrared cameras), and the camera, a 13 megapixel camera with a motor that counteracts the natural shakiness of a person's hand, allowing the shutter to stay open longer for better exposure.

What kind of phone would I buy?  iPhone 6 (coming this fall), Fire phone... another Android-based phone, a Tizen phone?  Or even an Ubuntu phone?  

I hope to talk about that in my next podcast :)