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Into February and Beyond

It has been a while since I have posted to my leetaur.com blog, so this is just a quick note to say 'hello'. Everything is going pretty well. My wife and I are now about 5 weeks away from the addition of our newest child. Wifey is doing really well, though I think she is ready to meet our daughter in person and be done with this pregnancy :)

Tech-wise, not much is new... for me at least.

I do have advice for anyone who is dealing with a slow Kindle Fire HD. If it slows down to an unbearable pace, just restore it to its factory defaults, and then reload the content you want. The Kindle Fire is a cloud device. It's content wants to live in the cloud. So my advice is let it, and keep a bear minimum of what you want on the device its - the apps, books you want offline, movies you want to take with you, etc.

I have the tendency to download ALL the books that I want, period, and keep them on the device. But I've had to reload my Kindle Fire twice now, and after the second time I decided just to download the books I want right now, and to download other books as I will read them.

Same more audio books, and movies. And since the audio books and movies take much longer to download than a regular book, I am much pickier on what I am going to use my bandwidth on right now.

Anyways, enough for the Kindle.

A note on Linux -- I started getting back into Linux about half a year ago. It is a very nice surprise how far the OS has come. I am very impressed with Debian, and how easy it is to add/delete packages, and the amount of software now available. It is nice. I also appreciate Debian's way of handling software, (with a quick apt-get command) instead of having to deal with rpm's in the Redhat/Mandriva world. Maybe it was just Mandriva, but I would often run in software that couldn't be installed due to missing libraries. It was frustrating.

There isn't much else in the way of news right now. Other than I am really enjoying reading books by an author I checked out - Dean Koontz. I am especially enjoying his Odd Thomas novels, which has a lighter tone than some of his other books.

Well, that's enough for this blog post.