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Merry Christmas!

It has been a busy year, which has kept me away from a whole lot of blogging and other internet activities. In a way that is good. Work has kept me VERY busy since May, and it looks to stay that way for the coming year. When it comes to your work, being bored is dangerous! Busy is good :)

And of course there was the birth of our 8th child, Liz. She is now crawling all over and trying to get into all sorts of trouble, but there are a lot of older kids to keep an eye on her. She has a great laugh, and the kids are great at getting her to laugh every day :) The kids are a delight to watch grow up. Oh, and my oldest now has her driver's license. It is a bit scary that I am old enough to have one of my kids driving!

Tech seems to have steadied out, at least for now. There were improvements in desktops, laptops, smart phones (both Android and iPhone), and tablets (ditto), but nothing revolutionary has entered the market in 2013. I don't count Samsung's "Galaxy Gear". I don't see a purpose for it. Google Glass looks interesting (and kind of creepy). I work with someone who has a developer model. I will count that as a release once it is publicly available.

The technology that will be interesting to follow is the Ubuntu phone. I am not planning on buying it (I prefer Debian on my computer), but the idea of a phone running Ubuntu Touch, and then turning into a complete desktop with paired with a monitor and keyboard, sounds very interesting. Right now you need to use the cloud, or syncing, if you want to share documents between a computer and your phone, being able to work on both. It will be cool if you have a phone that actually DOUBLES as your desktop.

Lastly, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone had a great 2013. Ours was great. And 2014 is looking to be even better. Here is to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ tomorrow, and looking forward to a new year!