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The aliens are going to visit us, and we are going to DIE!!!!


I found THIS ARTICLE interesting, on the downside of operating a WARP DRIVE (which is supposedly, theoretically, possible).  The problem - if we actually travel to a distance star, the time well that would be created that would propel the spaceship would end up annihilating the star system we traveled to.

Which could be kind of a let-down.  Go figure.

Hopefully, the vulcans solve this problem before they come to visit earth.

From the article:

The instant the Alcubierre drive is disengaged, the space-time gradient that allows it to effectively move faster than light goes away. All the energetic particles trapped during the journey have to go somewhere, and the researchers believe they would be blasted outward in a cone directly in front of the ship. Anyone or anything waiting for you at the other end of your trip would be destroyed.
Because of a funny little quirk of relativity, there is no upper limit to the amount of energy a Alcubierre drive could pick up. A long trip could vaporize entire planets upon your arrival. The researchers are beginning a new round of number crunching to see how bad the problem is. It’s possible the deadly particle beam could be projected in all directions, making Alcubierre drives unworkable. That spiffy warp ship might make a better weapon than method of transportation.