Leetaur's Blog

Welcome to Leetaur's Webpage

It has been a little while since I have used the "Leetaur" id - at least with a website.  I felt like relaunching, so here it is.

Probably the most frequently updated part of this site will be the blog.

The main purpose of the blog is to talk about my families and my hobbies.  I especially like technology, which is a good thing since I am an iPhone programmer.  While I very much like Apple, and in fact am typing this on a MacBook Air, I love following all tech.  The Microsoft Surface, and Windows 8, look really interesting.  Linux is a growing force in the industry, especially the Linux-based Android operating system.

Technology is shrinking.  More and more is being done with mobile devices.  My iPhone 4 does a whole lot for me, especially an app I have programmed for it that I will likely talk about going forward.

While I really like the look and feel of iOS and how it works on the iPhone and iPad (though not perfectly), my heart is more into open-source systems.  I am enjoying trying Android out on my Kindle Fire HD (yes... Amazon's Android  is a fork of Android, but I think forking open software is important), and I run Linux (Mandriva... I'm a sucker for punishment :) ) as a virtual machine on my Mac.

In the past I programmed heavily on Windows, but that has fallen away as I mainly work on the iPhone professionally right now.

I also like chess, kids (I have 7!), reading and, when I get the chance, writing.

Hopefully I will get lots of chances to work on this webpage.  I hope in the weeks to come to put a lot of interesting stuff here, such as information on what I am writing.  Stay tuned.